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Extra shipping fee (Please don't order directly,or not ship)
A special list for extra shipping fee or other special request
The Link just for adding additional money or resend order , if you do not this problem, please do not make order
1 USD For Extra Shipping Cost Or Other Special Payment
Special links, how much the price difference, add how much, 1 PCS for $1. No any components Compatible with Legoeligss
Special Link Applies Only To Resending Orders Or Products!!!
Special VIP LINK
This link is used to make up the difference in freight charges or to make up the cost of accessories.
1$ USD The Additional Extra Cost For Your Order or for Add Money Buy Other Products
Universal Extra/Additional Pay On The Order For Shipping & Extra Fees & Shipping cost / Postage
This Link Is Used To Extra Cost. Please Contact Me Before Purchasing This Product.
1usd Shipping adjustment 1usd ONLY for shipping adjustment link
Transportation compensation
BuildMoc Blocks Store Brand Extra Fee