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UJWI Wholesale Extra Cost For Shipping For Customized Order /Mixed Order /Supplement Freight OEM ODM Extra Service!
Specific Channel for Fill Po,Repayment the Item,Change the Method of Transport,Fast Shipping Fee ,Extra Fee
MING USD$1 for dropshipping Make Up the Difference, Supplementary to the Total Amount
Only for Price difference or extra Shipping fee,,Consult customer service before placing order
Special Items
This link is for some special order and service
Price difference or extra Shipping fee,Pls Consult customer service before placing order
ONLY FOR PAYING Extra Fee For Faster Shipping way Or Special Service
this is Store Service link.Don't sale anything,Please check the information carefully
ERILLES VIP Customized Logo Link Please don't pay
How to use promo code
0.01 for resend parcel only
Additional fees, or make up for other expenses
Payment difference or Extra Shipping Cost or Return Money to seller or Other Extra Fee(No physical shipping out)
Make up the freight. How much to make up and how many to buy