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Electric Juicer Cecotec Zitrus 160 Vita Inox 160W
Electric Juicer JATA EX549 White
Induction Hot Plate Siemens AG EX875LEC1E 80 cm
Cecomix All Black 1368 Microwave with Grill 20 L 700W Black
Portable Air Conditioner Force Silence Clima 7150 Smart Cecotec
Kettle Cecotec ThermoSense 290 Steel 2200W 1,7L Stainless steel
Toaster COMELEC TP7064 600 W Black Stainless steel
Microwave with Grill BOSCH HMT75G451 17 L 800W Stainless steel
Gas Oven Vitrokitchen HG6IB 50 L Black Stainless steel
Folding clothes line Retractable Roll-up